Microsoft Excel Going Further


Tuesday, 19th June, 9.30 – 4.30. £70 per person

Have you already got the basics of Excel and want to raise your skills up a notch? Then this course progresses you to the next level of Excel knowledge to discover how else Excel can help you. We explore splitting (then linking) a spreadsheet problem over more than 1 spreadsheet, find out how Excel can help in decision making, and progress to making the spreadsheet secure and tamper proof.

Who is this for?
If you have completed the Everyday course or have equivalent skills / knowledge that’s a great start; if you have not done any Excel training but you can construct formula using + – / * then that’s fine. Ideally, you’ll also be a regular Excel user so you can put your knowledge into practice immediately.

Once you have completed the course, you’ll have the knowledge and ability to create secure spreadsheets for not only yourself, but to give to others, create formulas that make decisions, and a good grounding in the data analysis features.

What does it cover?
The course leads you into creating more complex spreadsheets, developing skills to create sheets for others to use. You’ll learn how to link spreadsheets, protect them, apply logical formulas and create lookups. The latter part of the day covers initial data analysis skills such as filtering and sorting, sub totals and pivot tables.

Date: 19 June 2018
Time: 09:30
Organiser: Wessex Community Action
Location: Wessex Community Action, Unit 6, Paxton Business Centre, Whittle Road, Churchfields, Salisbury SP2 7YR (Map link)

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